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We’re excited to announce that our report on community-led housing and loneliness has just been published by the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (formerly MHCLG), which commissioned the research in 2019. It’s called ‘Those little connections:’ Community-led housing and loneliness.

The project was led by Kath Scanlon at the LSE, with most of the members of our CHIC team. The link below is to the LSE’s press release, and the press release is as follows, including a link to the download:

Do get in touch with Jim Hudson – if you have any problems with the download.

The project represents the first rigorous research to test the claim that living in community-led housing has measurable effects on loneliness and wellbeing. We found that people involved in community led housing (CLH) were significantly less likely to feel lonely than people living in more conventional homes and neighbourhoods. We identified several contributory factors including the use of shared space and social and communal activities – even when they were not explicitly aimed at community building. The demanding job of creating a new community with others also forged long-lasting and meaningful relationships and a sense of belonging that helped prevent loneliness.

In light of the findings, the report recommends increased support for the CLH sector and investigating ways to apply the lessons to existing conventional housing. We hope the report will contribute to better-informed policies for the CLH sector.

We also published a paper recently that draws on both the findings from the report and also on a survey of collaborative housing members that examined community responses to the pandemic, carried out in the summer of 2020. A huge thanks if you took part in that survey and any of the follow up interviews. A copy of the paper is available for download at
and there’s also a short report we did from that same project, for Housing LIN:


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